Monday, January 16, 2012

This little girl could use some help

Dr Cha Cha and our newest student
This morning after putting W. down for a nap I was called out to the yard by Dr. Cha Cha. He was standing with a middle aged man and a little girl who looked about 8. The first thing I noticed about her was that she did not smile. She actually looked like she had not smiled in a long time. Cha Cha wanted to ask me if I thought we could "help" her. I wasn't really sure what he meant and then he pointed out her foot and arm. Her foot appears to be clubbed, it is turned sideways. Her arm is rigid, her hand clenched. According to her father, she was given a "bad injection." I was a little confused about what kind of help Cha Cha was asking about but after observing for a while longer I gathered that he was trying to determine if we could enroll her in both the children's home and the school. As of now they don't have any children with disabilities.

This little girl, in this culture, is described as "lame." If a child is lame, they have a very, very hard life. They are often neglected, never sent to school and usually abused either at home or by other people in the community. They are not considered worth the trouble of caring for and often have to fend for themselves, if they even make it to adulthood.I don't know if there is anything we can do for her medically, but surely we can help her socially, physically, spiritually, emotionally. The children's home here at City of Hope is full of love and acceptance and I am sure if she is able to stay that she will be nurtured and loved and come to know and believe that she is lovely, beautiful, valuable and
perfect just as she is.

Cha Cha told her father that she could stay temporarily as a guest, for a week or so. After that she will need to find a sponsor for her tuition, room, board, basic healthcare, vaccines, school supplies, etc. Myself and another volunteer that arrived this week have both agreed to try to get the word out about this little one to see if there may be someone willing to sponsor her. The cost is $35/month per sponsor and she needs 2 sponsors.

Her father walked away saying he would be back with her school fees for the week. I am not sure we will ever see him again, but I hope he keeps his word. As he left tears streamed down this little one's face. She will not speak to us yet--she is really nervous and I'm sure overwhelmed, but she did whisper to Cha Cha that she is regularly beaten. By whom, we do not know, but surely this place will be a refuge for her. A real City of Hope.

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  1. Beautiful story. I am so glad she was brought to City of Hope and pray that she gets her two sponsors quickly. May she learn to smile quickly now that she is in a safe place, loved and accepted!