Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fast (by our standards) internet=photos today

T and w sorting through the container of donated supplies for the hospital. This is one happy bedpan holding guy!

w insists on taking off her shoes and asking Mr. Ben to help put them back on. He is one of the guards and an excellent kiswahili instructor.

One village mama asked T "Why are you carrying her on your back?" T said "Because she would not lay down." She answered approvingly, "That is what we do. When they don't lay down we just put them on our backs and keep working!"
The kids from the children's home are currently harvesting the maize from their fields. They work before and after school in the fields and live off the maize.
Neighbor children.
Our inaugural surgery. No anesthetic (none available) but one very brave boy! Three stitches in the calf.
View from the mountain.
T has a 5 minute commute. Sure beats the beltway!


Amani Hospital-Ntagatcha, Tanzania
Pediatrics and Maternity wards to the left. Inpatient and Outpatient to the right.

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