Friday, January 4, 2013

January 4, 1997

16 years ago today Grandma Nelson prayed for no snow or storms for our winter wedding and I imagine she prayed for more than that, too. On that day in 1997, a high temperature record of 68 degrees was set in Blacksburg, and still remains today.

At 21 years old we didn't know much about marriage, we didn't know it wasn't all about being happy and in love. We didn't know it would be hard. We didn't know part of the whole thing was to rub against one another's rough spots in order to smooth them out. We did know that giving up was never an option.

We've had adventures all over the world together--and surely our most daring adventure has been our children--I believe all of Grandma's prayers were answered that day.

Thank you for 16 faithful, funny, difficult, never-boring, beautiful, redemptive years. Thank you for never giving up. I love you and thank you for patiently and lovingly sanding down all my rough spots (still a few more to go...)

Happy Anniversary! We didn't forget this time!! ~ Joi


  1. Happy Anniversary you two! I love you and am thankful I have gotten to be part of your story at times. Keeping you and your family in my prayers. Nawapenda na pongezi

  2. It was such a beautiful day. Congratulations on 16 years well-done!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful post, Joi.

  4. Happy anniversary!! Yes, beautifully said. We love you both so much!

  5. Hey there again. This was beautiful. Congrats on 16 years. That's awesome. Sweet teammates.