Sunday, January 13, 2013

Check Us Out!

Immensely enjoying playing with Christmas Legos!
Rainy season brings HUGE thunderstorms.
All the Tanzanian kids run inside, but T. runs
outside!  He loves to find the puddles and
stand in the waterfalls pouring off the roof.

The way we open coconuts.

Coconut milk.

Granola bars (the impetus for the coconut in the first place.)
Ever made granola bars with freshly grated coconut???
It's a little time consuming...first go to the market and buy a coconut...

Afternoon showers brings a rainbow over our new school building,
"Destiny Primary School." which was recently ranked #1 in test results
in the state!
We went to the pool today.


  1. Love the photos! So fun to see T delighting in the rain, and the kiddos "at the pool." Hope you enjoyed those granola bars, the fruit of much labor (like I know so much is there, making things from absolute scratch!)

  2. C.Pre-school sends all our love to you! So glad to see your beautiful faces! We miss you all and keep you in our prayers. Love all the pictures and stories. Ms. J and Ms. L. God bless and keep you! <3

  3. Using the drill to open the coconut- genius! We used to hammer an ice pick into it. Not as easy as using the drill, I'm sure. ~kika ross