Monday, January 14, 2013

A Few More Pics

Playing dodgeball with City of Hope kids.

W. and her doll baby.

Love my rugby, love my sister!

Special dance teams were brought in to entertain the kids.

W. dancing African style at the annual end of the year celebration
with all the kids from the City of Hope children's home.

T. and the kids from the children's home love to play board games.

Home repair -- resurrecting a very cheap oven.  I think T. had this thing in
60 parts at one point.  It is working much better now.

Step 1: Launch water balloons across the shamba (garden).

Step 2: "Catch" the balloons!

Before and after juice making!

Carrot, passion fruit, orange juice! Amazing!


  1. Nice pictures! I bet that juice tastes great!

  2. Hey Joi,

    Funny Question. This is Julie Smartt from Blacksburg. Your pictures are so great. I can't believe how old Wren is! So beautiful.
    So I'm trying to get into contact with Jess Morse, because there's some VCOM paper work she needs to check out apparently, so I thought I'd try through the blog. :) If you get this, let me know. Here are my e-mail address -

    I hope this season has been rich and fruitful for you and the fam. See you all when you get back!


  3. What a sweet moment caught between T & W! Yes, that juice looks amazing. Thanks for the peaks into your lives :)