Monday, February 4, 2013


"Hello!  My name is Megan K. and I am a sophomore pre-med student.  I go to Wofford College, which is a school with a January or J-term or Interm.  With this special schedule, I had the opportunity to take the month of January to travel before spring semester classes started.  God really blessed that time because I was privileged enough to go on a medical mission trip to Tanzania. I went to the City of Hope to volunteer in the medical clinic and help as needed and have time free from distractions to spend with the Lord.  Those were my expectations of the trip, but as it turns out God taught me much more than I expected.

Learning.  I have been learning since I walked through the City Of Hope gates.  Learning about African culture, learning to be taught by the holy spirit, learning about forming relationships and the importance of putting people above projects, learning how to cook with minimal resources, learning about treating diseases and infection without electricity or running water, learning to be joyful in suffering, learning that mission work is hard and far from glamorous, learning that T.I.A. or “This Is Africa” and nothing goes according to plan, learning that busyness can be problematic and prevent proper rest, but most importantly learning that the Lord will present me with opportunities to further His kingdom and pursue a lifestyle pleasing
to Him.

My first emotions on the trip were frustration and impatience, but God bestowed a new blessing on the group each day even if the day did not go according to plan—and I thank Him for that!  Comparing the initial goals and motivation for this trip with the actual experience, I have been pleasantly surprised that the two were not the same.  My first day was bogged down by the mindset that I was a pre-med student interested in missions who was there to learn only about medicine and how to spend more time with the Lord.   I was so eager to jump into medicine and do something productive and purposeful, but luckily God made me wait.

Eventually I was exposed to a lot of medicine and came face to face with the patients and their wounds and infections, but to tell you the truth the more valuable skills and lessons I learned were from the mission house “family” members and Africans around me.   These people not only welcomed my fumbling questions and confusion but also offered advice and encouragement to support and help me discern how the Lord calls His servants.  Eagerly, I soaked up everything these wonderful people were pouring into me because they are godly role models who have already experienced the things that I will experience in the next few stages of my life.  Glory to God for bringing these Christ followers together and inviting me to join their close-knit group.

The City of Hope is a special place and feels like paradise, but your time here can be unfruitful unless your heart is in the right place and you learn to appreciate that the Lord has more control over your life because He knows better—He does all things for your own good!"

Me and Jessica (also 4th year) and some girls from the children's home.

My 20th birthday!! Made from the coconut, coconut cream pie!!

Stephen, 4th year medical student, teaching me.

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