Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Friends, Food, Family

T. has been introduced to computer games on this trip (educational of course)
and here he is teaching a passel of Tanzanian kids how to "right click!"
He loves the computer...maybe too much... 
So he says to me,"Can I get a new game, Mom? I mastered this one."

After a run-in with a blade of grass that got stuck in his eye for about 10 minutes,
T. insisted on wearing this cold pack around his head like a wounded solider.
Oh, and a movie.  Which according to him "always helps eyes feel better."

Thanks to Uncle Matt we have a beautiful blue bicycle that gives T.
and Daddy tons of freedom!

Boys and trucks and girls and dolls...but don't be fooled.  Moments earlier they were switched.

After a long day of playing with the kids, T. falls asleep with a twizzler in his hand.
You gotta be tired to do that!

Our own little shamba. (Garden)

Super Clips Africa: Before

After: POLL: Did I take a cool shaggy hipster and turn him into a nerd???
Can you believe this kid said he was bored later this day???
It's hard to see but he has a huge smile on his face...
Big T was demolishing a mud house in order to prepare the ground for the
new 200 capacity dining room for the children and school.

Another newly discovered source of freedom: Victor!
The compound dog who is normally tied to a dog house on the opposite side of
the property is now a good friend to T. and W.
When taken for a walk NOBODY messes with these white kids!

Homemade granola

Homemade Injera
(Ethiopian flat bread--much easier to make than I ever guessed! And really yummy!)

Whole Wheat Monk Bread...and I will not show you a picture of the
horrible soft pretzels I tried to make. Absolutely terrible.

PIZZA! Did you know Kraft parmesan cheese is a decent substitute for
"real" cheese when you have a craving for pizza?

Speaking of is T. offering up his best guess as to the
gender of our new little one coming in July...he says,
"BOY!" and the doctor agrees!


  1. I vote SHAGGY hipster hair cut and YAY IT'S A BOY!!!

  2. Aw! Love the last picture! Finally someone is having a BOY (not that there is anything wrong with having girls). Awesome update! Miss you all!

  3. We miss you too! Will you make us some Injera when you come home? And boy?! But girls are so much easier to make cute things for. Hmmm....

  4. I'm so glad you guys are doing well! Congrats on the baby boy:) Love you!


  5. Thanks for posting pictures. The bread looks really yummy! I am sure it is not easy living, but it definitely looks way more interesting than here. How exciting to hear you are having a boy!
    On a different topic, sort of, I read this article about "solar suitcases." Ever heard of them? Here's a link to the article, I thought you might find interesting if you don't already know about them.
    Thinking of you guys, j ro

  6. A boy, really? :) I'm glad it's not a secret anymore! I've had a hard time keeping quiet about it!

  7. Can't wait to see all FOUR of you soon and make real cheese cheesy pizza!