Friday, February 24, 2012

Photo Journal of the little world of t. and w.

So, our children can't write blog updates yet, but I'm sure they would love to share with you a little bit about what life has been like for them here. I will post pictures until my patience for the internet wears out completely.

In general t. and w. enjoy lots of playing inside and out, although t. is still hesitant to go outside when the children here are on recess or if it is after school. There are just too many of them for him to feel completely secure, and they enjoy calling his name repeatedly whether he ignores them or not. Sometimes when they call his name he will yell “I'm too busy!!!!!” or “I have germs!!!!” and run away.

Anything in italics is t's exact description of the photo.

Farm animals are a part of the agriculture
program they have for the orphans.

Me and w are chasing the pigs.

w. is swinging.

I am sorting the beans. The children here work the fields
before school and on Fridays.
They are currently harvesting beans and maize.

Did you know that boy was, like, sharing his cars?

I am peeling potatoes. The children are constantly "helping" Margaret and Miriam with the cooking.

It may be hard to see but this is the result of
a "nairobi fly" landing on the skin and walking around.
It secretes a trail that is irritating to the skin.

I was holding a chick. I saw him in a family!

W is washing with mommy.

W. gets a kiswahili lesson from Mr. Ben

I am sitting on a mountain. Going "to the mountain"
 is by far t's favorite activity.

Not unlike an animal at the zoo...

A favorite activity among all the children is to push the stroller.

After a little too much freedom with some crayons,
t. removes the evidence.

w. is obsessed with writing, drawing and painting on herself.

Far more exciting than the stroller is the wheelbarrow.
It goes a lot faster, too.

t. helped harvest a bunch of banannas
from the tree behind our house.

Evening ritual-Daddy reads Black Beauty
and t. falls asleep on the couch.

Snacking on the stoop.

The girls from the children's home love to play with t and w.

Who doesn't love a game of magnet fishing for bottlecaps?

Despite the fact that we eat 3 amazing meals a day, w. makes
 her way to the children's home as often as she can and
steals ugali from the children at dinner. (cornmeal mash)

Movie night! Guess what they are watching? Laurel and Hardy!

The rains have finally come and created irresistable mud puddles.

Post-mudbath bath.

t and his best friend, Esther.

This is what happens when a 1 year old is
supposedly napping.We can't decide if she looks
more like smurfette or the incredible hulk.
Well, after about 4 hours I am pretty tired of posting. I will probably put up more pictures after we get home, when the internet is more friendly.

I should thank Esther (sitting on the tire with t.) for without her there is no way I could have done this today. Asante sana, Esther.


  1. Oh these are precious! I love it.

  2. These photos tell a great story. I loved it!

  3. wonderful pictures! such a fantastic experience for them :)