Monday, February 20, 2012

Birth in Tanzania (Part 4 of 4)


Mother and child resting at home.

"Look!He's just a speck!" says T.

Once we got to the hospital, we had no choice but to leave Ahadi in their hands for a C-section. I had called ahead to tell them of the situation, but when we arrived they were not ready for a C-section. The doctor had not even been called. However, after about two hours of—dare I say fooling around?—they took her to surgery. Thankfully her contractions had nearly subsided and that two hours did not seem overly hard on her or the baby.

The sun was setting, and as it is inadvisable to travel in the dark, we had to leave trusting that she would be taken care of at the hospital and drive home. We sat mostly in silence hoping and praying the surgery would begin quickly and that mother and baby would survive.

As we pulled into the compound, Baba called the hospital to check in. According to the nurse who answered, the baby was out and they were closing the incision. A tremendous relief poured over us and we thanked God for His provision, protection and love.

A week later Ahadi brought home a beautiful baby boy named David. He's tiny—clearly a few weeks early, but is doing well. He is breastfeeding successfully and is clearly loved and adored by his mother—and so many others here at City of Hope. They were granted a heroes welcome upon their arrival and there has been a steady stream of visitors to Ahadi's house.

Thanks for all your prayers. Consider continuing to pray for Ahadi and David: the family situation is difficult and David still has many hurdles to overcome.


  1. Yay!!! What a story. I loved reading it. So happy that all turned out well. Jesus bless your family. X with love N

  2. Thanks for sharing!!! Birth stories NEVER get old :) Hope we can talk more in person about your first Doula experience! :)