Monday, June 30, 2014

Foundations of Health and Development Summer of 2014!!

W. on the African coast in March
Pray with us as we send Big T off on a plane to City of Hope for a month. It's the first time he will be traveling without the family, and although it's not going to be as fun, we know he will have an amazing month teaching and learning in Tanzania. And he'll get to sleep on the plane since there won't be any kids to wrangle!

Joining him this month are over a dozen medical students from the US as well as some other special guests (Kristy and Karen) As for what exactly they will be doing this month, I believe Kristy expressed it beautifully in her letter to friends before her departure:

"I'll be traveling with Dr. Ty as he leads a team of medical students to observe, participate and consider what holistic Christian healthcare looks like in another culture. We will explore what health means and the type of wholeness God desires for our physical and spiritual selves, no matter what culture we are from."

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