Monday, February 17, 2014

"Happy Birthday Big Brother!"

January 31st we enjoyed celebrating little T's 6th birthday together! We are so proud of the amazing little boy God has given us to care for while we are on this earth. His 6th year is already proving to be one of much growth and learning. little T is a gentle, sensitive soul. Since the arrival of the Villanueva family, t. has shown that he is truly gentle. The working definition of gentle that we use in our house is "strength under control". This is most evident when t and little Blake (18 months) "wrestle". I am amazed by the instinctive carefulness t. shows at just the right moments. I know he learned that from wrestling his dad! He also continues to be a very caring older brother to baby Ps., always concerned for his well-being and safety. He also loves learning, especially science, math and history. He is learning to read and especially loves to be read to. In the past 2 weeks he lost his first TWO teeth and does not enjoy pretending that there is a tooth fairy. ("Gramma, I know it was you.") Happy 6h Birthday little t. We are so glad to have you in this family!!

Wouldn't you love to hang your birthday balloons from banana trees??

Once again, a train cake was requested. I managed to convince t. to settle for a train station instead. Nancy made the chocolate cake and it was amazing.

t. LOVES the newfound freedom that has come with competent biking skills. He and Big T often ride up to the clinic and back together. No easy ride, especially since it's all uphill on the way there. Not to mention the necessary dodging of chickens, piki pikis (motorcycles), small children, goats and others on bicycles!

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