Monday, January 27, 2014

Aw Rats!

Here are some recent snapshots of the little everyday things.

A midnight rat raid! True was certain he would be able to get it with a flyswatter--or a boot if really necessary! Doesn't he look eager?

Diana and an impromptu art lesson. She plans to teach some art classes to the kids soon.

Wren's first day of school! She is going half days and sitting in the "nursery" class which is 3-6 year olds. Nancy takes her every day and she is really loving it!

Wren and Deborah enjoying coloring on the porch.

Lately some moments between the children have been very sweet.

Nancy is establishing our herb garden-we planted cilantro, basil, summer savory, dill and some others! I can't wait to make pesto!

True helping trim some trees.

Julie and Nancy during our saturday morning small group time-when we really like to check in with each other and ask the question: "Where are you now?"

Psalter has plenty of willing arms to hold him.


  1. Wonderful pictures, keep on sharing! I especially enjoy True with the machete. --- Scott D

  2. I love the photos!!! Great to see your faces, and the photos help so much to "see" you there in my imagination. It would be awesome for Diana to get to teach art lessons for the kids. Love the sweet moments for True and Wren, what a super photo of the two of them.

  3. Oh, how neat for Diana to teach art! Such great photos! We're missing one of Joi, though :( Thanks for sharing some windows into your lives. Love the one of Psalter in arms. Praying.

  4. Hello Grandma, Joi, Ty, True, Wren, and Psalter!!!
    We LOVE seeing photos of you in Tanzania. Please post more when you can. We are all missing you and thinking of you every day as the cold and snow pound down here. Love,